All media is stored in an 18-inch steel reinforced concrete vault with one entrance in and out. The vault is rated 9R for strength and is in full compliance with the Bank Protection Act.  We maintain specified temperature and humidity in our vault at all times.  These measurements are monitored daily.


Our fire protection system is a combination of Ansul Halon and FM-200 suppression systems, which are serviced and maintained year round by a local fire safety company.


Our alarm system is set at closing time each evening and remains armed through the night.  During the day, there are several panic sensors placed throughout the building in case security is breached.  Security cameras are focused on all areas of the vault and  automatically record all activities being conducted.


A security link to the local police and fire personnel is maintained via a central station security monitoring service, whose processes and procedures are reviewed quarterly.


Each customer is issued a custom ID on his or her first visit to our vault.  Customer entry into the vault is also monitored through the use of a time card system so that we may track customer entry, if necessary.